Commitment       Excellence       Compassion       Faith  
ChristineEss received her Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Northern Colorado in 1998. While her musical background includes classical, jazz, musical theatre, and pop music, she gravitates toward a singer-songwriter style, focusing on heart centered, uplifting music that moves the soul.
At the center of ChristineEss' life is her greatest joy; her beautiful family of four amazing children and loving husband of 20 years. Commitment and exellence in evolution and compassion is what her life is about, and there is no greater labratory than our own personal lives.
ChristineEss has been studying the Science of Mind and Spirit activly since 2000.  She has participated in numerous workshops, taken many classes, and facilitated meditations, discussion groups and workshops. She received her Spiritual Practitioner license from the Centers for Spiritual Living™ in 2014. She is currently serving through Genesis Global Spiritual Center in Burien, WA through most of her service is done from Lakewood, WA as an outreach practitioner.