When inspiration speaks through music,
your heart listens.

Something magical happens in the presence of a live performance. There is an element of heart, truth and realness that doesn't always translate on a recording. Give yourself the gift of healing and be in the presence of live, inspirational music.


For me, the purpose of song is to open the heavens and the earth.  When we allow Life to flow through us, we participate in the circulation of expression that paints love and compassion wherever it is ignited. I would be honored to support your special event with heart opening song.

Song Writer

What we hear in music has a profound effect on our experience of life. In times of struggle or celebration, let us align ourselves honestly, with melodies that move us and words that heal, inspire, or simply speak what's real. Music is a powerful tool. Let us use it on purpose, with intention. 
Make music a centerpiece for your event! ChristineEss offers inspirational vocals to make your event memorable. She is also availble for house concerts, company parties, Christmas parties and other events. For more information or to find out if ChristineEss is a good fit for your event, contact her now!
Need sheet music or a chart for a song you've written?  ChristineEss is a skilled engraver that can assist with getting your ideas on paper so you can communicate your ideas with other musicians or share your music with the masses.
Polishing up for a big audition? Looking for some direction before a performance? Be prepared to perform at the next level. ChristineEss has daytime appointments available.

2018 Dates:

Jan 14
Feb 11
Mar 11
Apr 1: Easter Sunday
May 13
June 10
July 8
Aug 12
Sept 9
Oct 14
Nov 11
Dec 9

Guest Artist
Second Sundays in 2018
and Easter Sunday


10am Service

2102 S. 23rd Street
Tacoma, WA

The Answer Concert

Thank you so much to those who came out to support this concert!  If you missed it, you can still watch it online on Periscope  for a few more days. You can make comments and hearts if you log in, then find me @ChristineEssYoung.  This is a sneek preview of the original music I'll be recording this year.  Hope you enjoy it!
Watch online!
Broadcasted on Periscope.  Follow me @ChristineEssYoung

Upcoming Events


All currently scheduled upcoming events are private events. 
Contact ChristineEss to book her for your private event by email or phone.