Personal Spritual Practitioner Sessions
You can use a spiritual practitioner session for support in any area of your life, from battling an addiction to getting focused on accomplishing your dreams.  A spritual practitioner is trained to listen deeply to help identify obsticals nestled in the depths of hidden beliefs and tools for reprogramming the way we understand life and our relationship to it so we can live powerfully. Not sure? Give it a try and see. Even one session can create a huge shift in how you experience everything! Personal Sessions are available for a fee.
Labyrinth Workshops
work well with small groups up to about 20 people. These workshops are an opportunity to explore labyrinth as a spiritual practice as well as learn about the history, symbology and spiritual application for this sacred ritual.  I host workshops at the Chambers Bay labyrinth, on our own canvas labyrinth, or on site at a labyrinth you provide. Please contact me for me details about hosting a workshop for your group or organization.
Life Visioning
is a meditative practice, steeped in deep listening. With any spiritual practice, one develops skill over time. In this process, we practice stillness and deep listening to Universal wisdom through inner stillness to catch a bigger vision for our lives. For more information about visioning facilitation and/or workshops for your group, contact me directly.  (Contact info below.)